Growing Microgreens



-2 varieties of Microgreen seeds (like Beta and Brassica)

-1 bag seed starter soil

-The container you thought would sit on your window’s ledge

Add soil three inches higher than directed on package filling your planter 3/4 of the way to the top. Take first variety of seeds and unload about a teaspoon’s worth onto that  predetermined hand of yours and with the other sprinkle seeds about the soil with your index finger and thumb like you’re resisting the urge to pinch someone. Trail these seeds in an ant-like pattern beginning from one corner to the other. Repeat with other hand until seeds are mixed to grow in a surprising way. 

Seeds don’t sprout for days. You change when they do. Time passes. Stems rise. You’ll wonder when to pick the them. Daily watering. Some greens fall with your assumption they easily get back up. They don’t. You water less. Stuff keeps growing seemingly, so you wait to pick anything. Waiting maintains. You think they’ve got so much longer to go. Certainly not sizable. So you start sprinkling more seeds on unoccupied soil assuming new life will encourage growth. Adults realize they can drive and buy homes because they are no longer infants. 

A heat lamp remains on throughout the night. The new seeds don’t seem to sprout and growing stems tangle with one another. 

Everything is always growing sideways. 

Jenny Polus